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  • 2023-01-10

    Winding or coil - a length of wire or conductor wound in a specific shape, in order to achieve specific magnetic, electric or electromagnetic properties of such configuration.

  • 2023-01-09

    Enamelled wire is a metallic conductor insulated with a varnish and generally used for electrical applications.

  • 2023-01-06

    Enamelled wire with  is widely used in windings of small and medium size electric motors and transformers, as well as other electromagnetic devices such as sensors and actuators.

  • 2023-01-05

    For definitions, general notes on methods of test and the complete series of methods of test for winding wires, see IEC 60851-1.

  • 2022-12-29

    Painting is the process of applying enameled wire enamel to a metal conductor to form a uniform paint layer with a certain thickness.

  • 2022-12-27

    Solderable insulation is a special film insulation that is used on magnet wire in low cost, high volume applications.The magnet wire, with this solderable insulation,is wrapped around the terminal or pin.

  • 2022-12-26

    The major application areas are electrical and electronics, automotive, medical and aerospace.

  • 2022-12-26

    In rare cases pin holes develop at wire enamaltion as film thickness decreases. At PVF contact with water and/or solvent can increase number of such pin hole probability as microscopic can result under echanical stress by bending and/or stretching.

  • 2022-12-22

    Enameled wire refers to an industrial material that wraps a layer of insulating material on the outside of copper or aluminum wire and is used for electromagnetic conversion in motors and household appliances.

  • 2022-12-13

    The difference between a flat wire motor and a round wire motor lies in the way the copper wire is formed.

  • 2022-12-09

    After the wire is painted, it enters the oven. First, the solvent in the paint liquid is evaporated, then solidified to form a layer of paint film, and then painted and baked. Repeat this several times to complete the whole process of baking the enamelled package.

  • 2022-12-06

    Enamel is mainly used for coating insulation of enameled wire core. Since the wire will be subjected to heat, chemical and various mechanical forces during the process of coil winding and embedding.