The magenet wire is composed of a conductor and an insulating layer. It can use aluminum as the conductor material, and the enamel coating is a thin insulating layer. Aluminum is less conductive than copper, so aluminum wires need a larger cross section to compensate. But they are cheap and come from a wide range of sources. Magenet aluminum wire has excellent performance in high temperature resistance, mechanical properties, electrical properties, chemical properties and freezing resistance. Its working efficiency is the same as that of 80% volume copper wire. If you want to replace copper wire with aluminum wire at a lower price, then saving electrical interior space is the key point to pay attention.

The magenet aluminum wire can be divided into PolyEsterImide, PolyEsterImide+PolyAmideImide according to the paint package, PolyEsterImide+ PolyAmideImide + PolyAmide, PolyEsterImide+Nylon, Polyester, Polyester +Nylon, aluminum conductor operating temperature range is 130°C to 240°C, it can be used as conductor in winding coils. The sizes can be customized or selected from 0.13mm to 5.00mm. For example, 0.71mm magenet aluminum wire has good ductility, can be drawn into wire or rolled into square wire, a large number of used in the manufacture of wire, cable, radio industry and large-scale electrical equipment. Its conductive capacity is about two thirds of copper, but because its density is only one third of copper, so compared with aluminum wire and copper wire of equal quality and length, aluminum conductive capacity is about two times that of copper, and the price of magenet aluminum wire is more advantages.

As raw materials continue to rise today, the price of copper is the unsolved problem facing the electric machine factory. These aluminum as an alternative material is one of the solutions. In any case, magenet aluminum wire will have inherent defects, and it is difficult to compare the performance with copper wire. However, as long as it is properly used, the difference can be greatly reduced, and it still has excellent market value, which can bring new costs and additional competitive advantages of lightweight for the motor.

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