Advantages and applications about self-lubricating enameled wire will be introduced in this essay, . Recently, in order to meet the needs of customers, the electrical industry is moving towards miniaturizing products and reducing costs. From a technical point of view, enameled wire must be wound and packed very tightly, resulting in high winding speed. In this case, enameled wire is subjected to severe mechanical stress, and the coating is prone to damage and loss of insulation. One solution to this problem is to use self-lubricating enameled wire with strong lubrication and wear resistance. The self-lubricating enameled wire structure is coated with some special self-lubricating material coating on the outer layer of the film, so that the friction coefficient of the wire is lower and the scratch resistance is better. Not only the high speed winding problem is solved, but also better coil quality is obtained. There are two types of self-lubricating enameled wire, the use of which depends on the application.

A self-lubricating enameled wire comprises a conductor and a lubricating layer. The lubricating layer is formed around the conductor by coating and baking a coating composition, directly or through other insulating layers. The coating composition, Include 100 weight parts polyamide-imine resin, 1-5 weight parts lubricant, 1-200 weight parts isocyanate stabilized by masking agent, and 1-30 weight parts silane coupling agent, and dissolve and disperse them in a solvent. In addition to electrical insulation, enamel prevents corrosion or oxidation of copper wire. The typical electrical strength of enamel is about 170-220 V/μm, which is why relatively thin layers of enamel can withstand a lot of voltage.

According to this structure, the lubricating layer is formed by coating and baking a coating composition dissolved and dispersed in a solvent, including a polyamide-imine resin with excellent mechanical strength, a lubricant that gives lubrication and wear resistance and a silane coupling agent that is stabilized by isocyanate and has adhesion properties to the paint primer. Therefore, the self-lubricating enameled wire with excellent lubrication, wear resistance and adhesion to paint primer can be obtained by mixing these components in their respective predetermined amounts. Self-lubricating enameled wires can be used in a variety of motors with high spatial coefficients, such as magnet coils for electrical equipment, motors for automotive electrical applications, microwave ovens, transformers and heat-resistant components. Aluminum and copper wires at 130-240 degrees are available.

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