What is Polyurethane Enameled Wire?

Polyurethane enameled wire meets the needs of more and more customers, when the polyurethane enamelled wire do not have to remove the coating in advance when needs joints, it can be well used in the electrical field, in recent years has become the mainstream choice of enameled wires. The polyester composition of polyurethane enamels is composed of dimethyl terephthalate, glycol and glyceride. The other components are composed of contains light base resin, diisocyanate and various additives.

Characteristics of Polyurethane Enameled Wire

Polyurethane enameled wire consists of copper wire and polyester resin. It can work stably in 240 ° C environment, while the paint material can be used safely under 350 ° C environment. Suitable paint material is the basis to guarantee the excellent performance of enameled wire, and the raw materials used are different under condition of purposes. In addition to soldering stannum directly, tolerance to saline pinholes is also required by the same customers. Polyurethane enameled wire, with its low dielectric loss, dyeing, high speed and has good mechanical strength and resistance to scratches, paint film adhesion performance, good conductivity, chemical resistance, thermal stability and solvent resistance, straight welding and excellent performance, widely used in precision winding, motor, instruments, household appliances, etc. In the low voltage electrical appliances.

The Maerials for Polyurethane Enameled Wire

Polyurethane enameled wire is one of the largest types of enameled wire produced in China at present, accounting for about three to fifths. The thermal grade of polyurethane enameled wire is level 130, and its thermal grade is level 155 after the modified process. Able to meet the requirements of most lighting equipment, generators and transformers. In the direction of the continuous development of lighter, thinner and more durable electrical wires, the demand for small enameled wires in the electrical market has become more and more, and higher requirements for production quality have been put forward. Because ZhengZhou LP Industry has met the production conditions and product quality, it is being selected by more overseas customers to meet the demand of more conductive equipment materials.

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