Paper Covered Enameled Aluminum Wire

Paper Covered Enameled Aluminum Wire is composed of insulation paper and enameled aluminum wire, which can be divided into round paper covered aluminum wire and flat paper wrapped aluminum wire. Kraft paper-wrapped magnet wire is extruded or stretched from an electrical round aluminum rod with a mold of a certain size. Then wrap two or more layers of insulating paper on the aluminum conductor, including telephone paper, cable paper, high-voltage paper, and turn-to-turn insulating paper. This product is widely used in oil-immersed transformers and other similar electrical instruments. The electrical aluminum wire of the extrusion process is an ideal material for kraft paper aluminum wire.

paper covered aluminum enameled wire

Paper Covered Enameled Aluminum Wire – advanatges
1.Due to its high electrical, chemical and mechanical integrity, elasticity, flexibility, tear resistance, moisture and abrasion resistance, and excellent acid and alkali corrosion resistance, it will not be destroyed by insects, molds and fungi. It is compatible with all kinds of varnishes, adhesives, transformer fluids, lubricants, and refrigerants. Transformers using paper-covered wires can bring many economic, environmental and safety benefits to customers.
2.Reduce cost, reduce size, reduce weight. Using an insulated transformer, its temperature rise can be designed to 180°C, requiring less wires and iron cores, which can reduce the size and weight, thereby reducing infrastructure costs and facilitating installation. Smaller cores also mean less no-load loss;

Paper Covered Enameled Aluminum Wire Specifications

Name Insulation Paper Winding Wire
Dimension Round Rectangular
Diameter: 1.0~7.0mm Thickness(a): 1.0~10.0mm;
Width(b): 3.0~20.0mm
Insulation Paper type Kraft electrica paper / Nomex paper / HPI-Green / Mark paper.ect.
Insulation thickness Single, double or according to your requirement
Packing 30kg~150kg Poly-wooden spool (250*500/ 250*600
Appication Oil-immersed transformer windings;medium and alrge