Class 155 self-soldering magnet wire AL/ winding wire is an excellent choice for fine wire applications requiring a Class 155 insulation with soldering capabilities. The product’s unique solder stripping properties along with the addition of the nylon topcoat enables self-soldering class 155 to be an ideal choice for most winding applications and requirements. The film lends itself to the precise process control required in manufacturing many electrical / electronic devices. As with all solderable magnet wire, care must be exercised in the application of self-soldering class 155 magnet aluminum wire / winding wire since this material does not exhibit overload resistance properties like most non-solderable Classes 105, 130 and 155. Class 155 self-Soldering magnet wire – AL is recommended but not limited to the following applications:
• Appliance motors
• Automotive coils
• Bobbin wound and paper section coils
• Molded and encapsulated coils
• Relays
• Small motors, armature and fields
• Solenoids
• Timers and clock coils
• Toroidal coils

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