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Advance machine for producing large size flat and round aluminum wire, copper wire

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LP Industry is a manufacturer of transformer and motor enameled wires. Wire produced to industry standards or to your standards. We inventory a large selection of unique magnet wires including grade 2 or single build AWG and SWG Magnet Copper Wire, enameled aluminum wire.

LP Industry
LP Industry LP Industry

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Eanmeled wire is used for transformer, motor, generator, wind machine, etc.

Enameled Wire Services

Enameled Aluminum Wire Transformer

Enameled Aluminum Wire is mainly used for dry type transformer on winding.

Enameled Wire Motors

Motors widely adopt enameled copper winding wire, class F 180, UEW, EIW.

Enameled Wire Generator

Generator is normally using enameled copper wire, maybe aluminum wire instead of copper.

Enameled Wire Wind machine

Wind machine is special equipment to produce electricity, Used 200, 220 enameled wire, EIW.


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We manufacture and sell high-quality enameled wires. We supply all over Europe, America and overseas.

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Directly factory price, advanced welding and enamelling machine

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RoHS testing certificates, ISO9001, ISO 140001, testing machine

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