The consumption of Enamelled copper wires has been increasing in the country all over these years due to its extensive usage in electrical industries, automobiles and electronics industries. These wires find its applications in various area such as motors, transformers. Starter coils, coils for entertainment electronics and other electrical equipments. The usage sectors had rapid growth and therefore the demand is further improving. Considering the growth in this area there os a good scope for new enameled copper wire manufacturing units to be set up

enamleed copper wire

Manufacturing Process
The manufacturing involves the following sequence of operations.
Purchase of Copper wire 20 SWG
Feeding through fine wire drawing machine to get the reduced size
Cleaning/picking and passing through the enamelling plant
Coating of varnish
Passing through heat drying chambers
Testing of wire by various testing procedures as is standards.
Winding and packing in spools

Product Datasheet