Spools of Lacquered Wire

Lacquered wire (magnet wire) is one of the main types of winding wire. It is composed of conductor and insulating layer. The bare wire is softened by annealing, then painted for many times and baked. Enameled wire spool is important as a device for receiving coils after enameled wire is finished.

According to the spool shape can be divided into: double conical, round bucket type, conical, line storage bucket.

Double conical spool is suitable for storing fine and very fine enameled wire. It is suitable for copper wire. The wire diameter is 0.01 to 0.15mm.

Cylindrical bobbin is the mainstream of winding bobbin, suitable for enameled copper and aluminum wire, wire diameter of about 0.05-0.5mm, this traditional design has been favored by customers for its robustness.

Conical spool is suitable for storing thick enameled wire, suitable for copper wire, its wire diameter size is 0.1 to 0.5mm, winding ability is stable.

Line storage bucket spool sizes ranging from 400 to 700mm, these are specially designed storage containers for large magnetic wires. The enveloped design provides the best protection for large coils and is suitable for any large magnetic wire, especially large size enameled flat aluminum wire.

According to the material of the spool can be divided into: wood, plastic, paper and steel.

Wooden spool: The use of multilayer plywood made of both sides of the side plate, according to the use and requirements of different levels of kraft paper tube core, waterproof and bearing capacity is large, the maximum bearing capacity of the tube core is 3 tons, metal combination, in recent years, the application of wood wire coil is more and more widely, the original ecological wood packaging products are far greater than plastic products. No odor, no fumigation. Flexible specifications, any size can be produced, the price has considerable advantages. If we must sum up a shortcoming, it is the production efficiency is not high, the production cycle is slightly longer.

Plastic spool, using engineering plastic injection molding, advanced product structure, high precision, side plate reinforcement, with good balance performance, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, high strength, balance accuracy can reach 6.3 level or above. The overall structure is plastic, metal supporting combination, to ensure the requirements of the shaft hole and conductive properties, product parts can be dismantled, convenient maintenance, generally according to customer equipment requirements, can do different strength precision I-wheel, the disadvantage is that, retracting wire meters long, will make the flange (platter) deformation due to large capacity.

Paper spool: made of grey board paper, it is light in weight, environmental protection and low cost, can be printed on the side plate according to customer requirements of different content, picture and text. The disadvantage is that the bearing capacity is limited, as a packaging product is the first choice, but only for one-time use. It is generally believed that the disadvantage of being susceptible to moisture is that there is no great impact at present. Usually, cartons will be added outside the packaging plate, and cartons will not be affected by any damage to the internal packaging.

Steel I-wheel spool: reinforced thick plate welding molding, machining dynamic balance test, high strength, high steel, high speed running retracting and releasing smooth degree. The disadvantage is that, after a long time of use, the cost of rust prevention is high, galvanized products can not avoid the impact of time and wet weather on the products, and deformation or damage is not easy to repair.

Lacquered wire (magnetic wire) is wound around spools of different sizes and shapes. The wire diameter determines the size of the spool that can be used. Ultra-fine thread is usually produced on smaller bobbins, while heavy thread is wound around very large bobbins. Different global standards specify different spool types, often associated with standards on each continent.