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What's the Kraft Paper?

Kraft paper, usually yellowish-brown, is made of kraft conifer pulp, soaked in water and beaten on a mesh paper machine. It can be used as cement bag paper, envelope paper, glue sealing paper, asphalt paper, wire protection paper, insulating paper and so on. High temperature kraft paper is used in chemical industry, machinery and other industries, especially widely used in food packaging industry.

Electrical Advantages of Kraft Paper

High temperature kraft paper is a tough water resistant packaging paper with low density and high physical strength, which can provide protection for enameled wire. Its working environment is usually 190-220 high temperature and 2.5MPa pressure. Oily kraft paper will produce hydrophobicity, can make enameled wire from damp and other risks, prolong the service life of wire.

Sensible Option for Kraft Paper Enameled Wire

ZhengZhou LP Industry is providing high quality enameled kraft wire to electrical manufacturers in Europe, America and Asia. The low cost and high efficiency make high temperature kraft paper attractive to more customers in the electrical field. Choosing the right wire insulation material can effectively improve the work efficiency.