Paper Insulated Copper Strip Exported to Bangladesh

Technical specification of paper insulated copper strip

Conductor Size

2.80*8.6 2.80 8.6 0.45(0.225*2)
3.00*9.6 3.00 9.6 DO
3.10*7.7 3.10 7.7 DO
3.15*8.5 3.15 8.5 DO
3.80*8.6 3.80 8.6 DO
5.60*11.2 5.60 11.2 DO

1. Tolerance of Conductor Dimensions

UPTO 6.0 ±0.05
OVER 6.0 UPTO 9.9 ±0.07
OVER 9.9 UPTO 15.0 ±0.09

2. Radius at Corners of Conductors

UPTO 4.0 0.8±0.2
OVER 4.0 UPTO 6.0 1.0±0.2

3. Insulation paper:

a) Composition of Insulating Paper should be 100%Sulphate/Kraft Pulp.
b) Electric strength in air: 7kV/mm

4. Conductor:

(a) Rectangular in shape.
(b)The strip should be manufactured from ingots with copper content not less than 99.9% and resistivity 0.01724 Ohm-mm2/meter at 20C.
(c) Tensile Strength 20kgf/mm2(Minimum)
(d) Relative elongation 25 %(Minimum).


5.Any kind of defects concerning insulation and Conductor not permitted.

6. Insulating Method:

a) Winding paper tape insulating should be put on the strip tightly and without any fold.
b) Entire strip should be wrapped in the same direction.
c) The paper should be wrapped maintaining 1mm overlapping.
d) No bonding or adhesive material should be used except to anchor ends of papers.

7. Paking:

(a) The strip should be supplied in wooden bobbin with size as per the following dimensions:
Dimension of bobbin:
1.OD(Flange) 800 mm(maximum)
2. Thickness of Flange 60 mm (Minimum)
3. Outer diameter of Reel: 300mm (Maximum)
4. Center/Hole (Hole for Mandrel): ◆4050mm.
(b) Net weight per bobbin should be 140 Kgs to 250 Kgs.
(c)The Number of pieces of strip per bobbin should not exceed 2 (Two)pieces and pieces should be equal length with a tolerance +5%.
(d)Where spooled in 2 (Two)pieces per drum,the ends of two pieces should be joined and marked to make clear the joint point(separation).White paper should be inserted between
the strip layers, at the separation, to make it clear.
(e)2 (Two)flanges of bobbin should be connected tightly with:
1.M.S.Stud Mi0x Length =8(Eight)Nos.
2.M.S.Nut M 10 =16(Sixteen)Nos.
3.M.S.Washer10 =16(Sixteen)Nos.
(f)The copper strips which were wound on wooden reels should be made of 25 mm thick plywood with smooth surface on both inner and outer parts.4 (Four)reels should be packed in one wooden box/package/bundle/pallet and tightly covered with plastic and
corrugated Kraft paper.Thereafter each bobbin should be packed with wooden pieces (thickness:Minimum 12 mm)on both sides and on full outer dia of Drum to prevent any kind of Mishandling during the voyage of the consignment.
(g)In case of shipment in 20’and 40’FCL container the maximum gross weight of container should not be exceeded 24,000 Kg and 30,480 Kg respectively. For exceeding gross weight of the container additional expenses/charges imposed by the concerned authority shall have to bear by the supplier/agent.