Copper Strip

What is a Copper Strip?

Copper strip is a common electrical material. There are two common types of copper strip, called conductive and non-conductive. A conductive copper strip conducts electricity on the top and bottom of the tape, while a non-conductive copper strip conducts electricity only on one side. This makes each of the different types best suited for different applications. The product specifications are 0.1 ~ 3×50 ~ 250mm copper strip products in various states, which are mainly used for the production of electrical components, lamp caps, battery caps, buttons, seals and connectors, and are mainly used as conductive, thermal and corrosion-resistant equipment. Such as electrical components, switches, washers, gaskets, electric vacuum devices, radiators, conductive base material and automotive water tank, heat sink, cylinder sheet and other parts.

copper strip

What’s the Difference between Copper Strips?

Conductive copper strips are designed to conduct electricity on both sides of the tape. This allows easy electrical connections simply by gluing multiple lengths together. It is important to note that the strength of this electrical connection diminishes over time, so other connection methods may be required to ensure sustained electrical conductivity over long periods of time. Similarly, a single continuous copper strip was always a more efficient conductor than multiple strips connected together. Finally, it should also be noted that conductive adhesives are not designed to carry high levels of current. A non-conductive copper strip conducts electricity only on one side (usually the top of the tape). If used to create electrical connections, multiple lengths must be soldered together to ensure a reliable conductive connection. A quick, short-term (though much less reliable) alternative to welding is to fold the end of the tape at the junction so that the conductive surfaces on each strip are opposite each other. It can then be fixed to achieve the same purpose as the conductive copper strip.

How does Copper Strip Work?

Copper strips work like other standard types of tape. The key difference, however, is that it has an adhesive backing that needs to be removed to hold the tape to the surface. Copper strips are usually supplied in reels of varying lengths and can be easily cut to size using standard scissors or professional cutting tools for finer, more accurate cuts. The copper strip can work in various ways depending on the intended application. It is mainly used for its conductive properties, but it is convenient and easy to apply in a variety of situations.