How To Remove Varnish From Enameled Wire?

4 ways copper wire enamel remover solution:
(1) Mechanical sanding;
(2) Thermal decomposition (flame burning);
(3) Chemical corrosion;
(4) Decomposition of flux (heating in molten flux).

Mechanical method vs chemical method
The mechanical method is inefficient and easily damages the wires. The residual carbides from the thermal decomposition method are still attached to the surface of the wire and need to be sanded to remove it; in addition, the wire will also melt in the flame, making its diameter thinner and affecting the resistance of the wire.
The chemical method is more cumbersome, and mixed chemical trial production is required. If the paint is removed at room temperature, it is very time-consuming; if the paint is removed at high temperature, the vapor of the chemical trial production will corrode the parts of the enameled wire that do not need to be painted and destroy the insulating layer.
The flux decomposition method is suitable for direct soldering enameled wire. In the molten flux, the removal of the insulating layer and the welding are completed at the same time.