Copper Wire

Enameled aluminum wire is mainly used for transformer, motor, generator, magnetic coils, compressor, house appliance, etc.
  • Global delivery as fast as 10 days
  • Has factory stock, free sample
  • Enameled round type/rectangluar type/square wire
  • Plastic and wooden spool
  • About 30kg per roll with low electrical resistance
  • ISO 9001:2020, ISO 14001
  • UL Certificate, ROHS test, CE certificate
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Eanemeld Copper Wire - Features And Characteristic

1. Enameled copper wire can be divided into enameled round copper wire, rectangular enamelled copper winding wire and copper square magnet wire
2. Dimension: round type 0.016-7mm; Rectangular: A> 0.3-10mm, B> 1-22mm; Square: 0.45*0.45mm-6*6mm
3. Enameled Copper wire also has low electric resistance, high temperature;
4. Enameled copper wire receives approval with production parameters of quality control system according to standards of GB/T23312.7 2009, IEC60317-25, NEMA 35.
5. Insulation Grade: Grade 1 , Grade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4; or single build, double coating, triple coating;
6. Thermal Class: 155 (class F), 180 (class H), 200 (class C), 220 (class C+), 240(class HC)

enameled round copper wire
enameled flat copper wire

Enameled Copper Wire – Custom AWG And SWG Magnet Wire Manufacturer & Factory

LP Industry is a leading enameled copper wire supplier in China providing enameled flat wire and round copper wire which has competitive price and high quality. LP Industry has ISO 9000, ISO14000, ISO 45001, UL certificate, CE certificate which is important for enameled magnet wire in the world. Our factory enamelled copper flat wires are mould painted and finished by finishing mill selling in the world, like America, South America, Europe, Africa and Asia. LP Industry has the lastest advanced winding machine for enameled wire, take up machine, baking machine, extruding machine, drawing machine and testing equipment, etc. Testing equipment has computer conductor resistance tester, tensile testing machine, solderability tester, tangent delta tester, thermal cut-through tester, elongation tester, automatic voltage tester, automatic rebound tester. Customers can buy the enameled copper wire with directly factory price from LP Industry, and clients can also custom AWG and SWG enameled copper wire, Max. size of round enameled copper wire is 7mm, the Max. size square copper wire is 6mm*6mm, flat wire is needed the size from clients' requirements. Ultra fine enameled copper wire is our advantages, such double zero enameled wire, 42awg 43 awg is large quantity sold in the world. Enameled copper wire is made of 99.99% pure copper wire with insulation materials, such as Polyurethane.

enameled copper wire services

Enameled Copper Wire Services

Enameled copper wire is popular product used in the world electric field, like transmission power, betteries, Professional Audio, Video & Lighting(old), Generators, Industrial Controls and Power Supplies, etc. Enameled copper winding wire can be divided into round type, flat/rectangular type and square type according to shape, which is made of 99.99% pure copper wire with insulation materials, such as Polyurethane. LP Industry enmeled wire can manufacturing process and speed up large batch production of machined wire, as well as achieve a higher level of accuracy and precision. LP Industry provides rapid online enameled wire according to customer requirements. Get your order into processing in the shortest time. The size of enameled copper wire can be customed, especially the special size. LP Industry has the stock including the Class H coated enameled copper wire, like 0.11mm, 0.12mm, 0.21mm, 1mm, etc. And the MOQ is 300kg with competitive price. The customers want to buy more size, the MOQ is designed in accordance with the requirements.
pure copper wire 99.99%

Enameled Copper Wire Application

Enameled Copper Wire is widely used for hydraulic transformers, motors, communication equipment, instruments, relays, small transformers, bias coils, transformers, power tools, aircraft accessories, etc.