Film Wrapping Wire

Product Name: Film wrapping wire (copper/aluminum)
Serial No. Model Product Name
1 Single/multilayer polyester film wrapping wire
2 Single/multilayer polyimide film wrapping wire
3 Single/multilayer (corona resistant) polyimide-fluorine 46 composite film sintering line

2. Production capacity: cross-sectional area 2~100mm²

3. Electrical properties: after bending 2a and 2b, breakdown voltage ≥ 7500v (double layer/multilayer); breakdown voltage ≥ 5000v (single layer)

4. Softness: Rebound≤4.5°

5. Insulation adhesion performance: single-layer film sintering, cutting and stretching 15%, insulation film detached from conductor length ≤ 0.5b/d; double-film/multi-layer sintering
Junction cutting stretch 10%, insulating film away from the conductor length ≤ 1b/d

6. Mechanical properties: 1b/d winding, the insulation layer does not crack, delaminate or fall off
Elongation: ≥30%

7. Main features:
1. The maximum width-to-narrow ratio of the conductor is 30:1
2. Insulation flexibility can achieve 2a, 2b bending without cracking
3. Polyimide-Fluorine 46 composite film peel adhesion ≥1 lb
Application: The product is mainly used in traction motors, inverters, submersible motors, explosion-proof motors, and can also be combined with mica insulation
It is used in high-power wind turbine windings and high-voltage industrial motors.