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What's the Polyesterimide PEI Enamel?

Polyesterimide PEI Enamel is an inorganic coating of enameled wire, which is mostly sprayed on the surface as precious metal and aluminum wires during hot machining. It is a reliable non-metallic inorganic coating oil paint with excellent thermal properties, both single and double coating applications, with thermal shock values between 3 and 5mm. thermal index level 180 or above.

Index of Polyesterimide PEI Enamel

Polyesterimide PEI Enamel is synthesized by condensation polymerization of aromatic ether diamine (e.g. Diamino-diphenyl sulfone, DADS) with aromatic anhydride (e.g., TMA) and diol/triol (e.g., bisphenol A and triol (hydroxyethyl isocyanurate, THEIC). The solids content ranges from nearly 8% to 60% (1g/1h/180°C), and the viscosity ranges from 30 to 60,000 mPas (23°C). The Polyesterimide PEI Enamel performance depends on the chemical composition, including the type and length of imide and ester blocks in the copolymer, and the amount and type of additives, such as cross-linkers and flowers, added to the PEI resin.

Advantages of Polyesterimide PEI Enamel

The Polyesterimide PEI Enamel allows aluminum wire to solder stannum at 375°C; it is the enamel that provides excellent outer protection and stability for wires. Polyesterimide PEI Enamel is used for electrical transformers, explosion-proof electrical products, small electronic devices, relays, electric motors, electronic,instrument and magnet coils.