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Enameled wire paint remover is a product used for peeling off the paint skin of enamel wire.
Special paint remover for enameled wire: It is mainly composed of a variety of special organic components, active substances, stabilizers, etc.
1. Suitable for polyurethane paint, high temperature paint, polyamide/ polyesterimide enameled wire stripping layer;
2. Rework paint removal (plastic) and paint removal of spray paint and plastic spray parts.
3. Dedicated to stripping enameled wires such as transformers and motors


1. The main scope of application is to remove paint from enamelled copper wires with temperature resistance levels of 130(B), 155(F), and 180(H).
2. The speed is fast, just put it in the paint stripping tank for 0.5-1 second, and then put it in the air for 20-60 seconds, the paint will fall off naturally, suitable for automatic assembly line.
3. This agent is a milky white viscous liquid, which does not corrode copper wires and has a small odor.
4. It solves the problem of over-corrosion of copper wire caused by traditional enameled wire paint remover, and contains a small amount of flux to facilitate the welding and tinning of copper wire.
5. This product has passed the testing and certification of the world's most authoritative SGS organization. Meet environmental protection requirements.


1. Generally, it is used in the way of stock solution and soaking at room temperature. Insert the enameled wire that needs to be stripped into this product and soak for about 1 minute. The enameled wire will be placed in the air for a while and the paint will fall off naturally. Wipe off the paint film with a rag.
2. For above 200 degrees, it is recommended to soak the enameled wire for a long time (more than 10 minutes) to remove the paint.

Protective Measures

1. When using this product, the operator must wear a rubber protective sleeve, and the enameled wire after depainting should use a rag to wipe off the remaining paint film to enhance the depainting effect.
2. When the paint remover has too much sediment, filter out the impurities, and the filtrate can be used continuously. When the paint removal effect is obviously removed, and the original level cannot be reached after adding new solution, it can be discarded and replaced with a new solution.
3. Wood products are corrosive to some metals, so be careful when using them. Wood products can be stored in glass or ceramic containers.
4. Operators need to wear rubber protective gloves, do not touch the skin and eyes, in case the paint remover touches the skin, rinse it with plenty of water immediately, then rub soap, after washing, apply dilute glycerin or Seek medical attention.
5. When opening the lid of the paint remover packaging barrel, pay attention to unscrew it slowly, be careful not to splash the bottle cap with the air pressure, and pay attention to the paint remover splashing upwards and hurting people. Before spraying or painting paint, the paint remover must be stirred or shaken before operation and construction.