AWG 32 220 C Single Enameled Copper Winding Wire uses for Winding coils for EV-motor, transformers, motors, generators, and various electrical devices with good Prices.

Standard AWG 32:
– conductor diameter 0.203mm.
– cross-sectional area 0.032 mm2,
– conductor resistance per 1 (one meter) 0.538 ohms

Type of insulation:
Color: black
Insulation sheath: enameled
Operating conditions: withstand temperatures up to 220 C., high resistance to mechanical stress.
The total diameter of the filament after the insulation is applied should be no more than:
AWG 32 – 0,23mm.

Required bobbin for winding the thread:
Material type: plastic

ECW packing size

A – 15mm.
B – 90mm.
D – 150mm.
L – 100mm.
T – 90mm.

Advantage: Electrical conductivity, excellent thermal stability, scratch resistance, solvent resistance, with good heat dissipation and high field efficiency after wingding performance and the advantages of high efficiency magnetic field.

Product Datasheet