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What's the Aluminum Wire?

Aluminum wire is to point to the metal wire with uniform longitudinal length, cross section of its, it is made for material with pure aluminum or aluminum alloy. Aluminum is an excellent conductor of electricity, with good conductivity among metal materials, ranking fourth, In front of it are gold, silver and copper. It is a silver-white light metal. It's malleable, aluminum conductor can be compressed to 0.16 mm. It has good heat resistance, its melting point is 660 degrees and the boiling point is 2327 degrees. The product is machined along the core pressure and delivered in roll form. The shape of aluminum section that can be used as enameled wire is round, square and rectangle. According to the material, it is divided into pure aluminum wire and alloy aluminum wire. According to the use is divided into industrial aluminum wire and processing aluminum wire. According to the heat resistance level, aluminum conductor wire can be divided into E,H,C,C plus and HC five grades, can respectively 120 degrees, 180 degrees, 200 degrees, 220 degrees, 240 degrees below stable work. in other words, aluminum has the ability to become conductor inside the enameled wire.

Aluminum Conductor For Enameled Wire - Advantages

Aluminum conductor is simple structure, light weight, low prices, safe and reliable, and has excellent mechanical and physical properties and electrical properties, resistance to trace, surface discharge resistance, excellent atmosphere, compared with copper conductor, even in the absence of insulating varnish, oxidation of aluminum in the exposed to the air will rapidly to form a layer of thin film, protect the internal structure. Even without an insulating varnish, aluminum wire exposed to air quickly oxidize to form a thin film that protects the internal structure. Small installation clearance, space saving, line voltage reduction, especially can reduce the occurrence of power supply accidents, to ensure personal safety. In a wide range of high voltage environment, aluminum wire has advantages that can not be ignored.

The Future of Aluminum as Enameled Wire

Enameled aluminum wire technology from the United States, all home appliance companies in order to save costs, choose aluminum wire as the motor rotor wire for the company's products. For other products with more complex processes, such as air conditioners and refrigerators, it is difficult for them to make a decision to use enamelled aluminum wire as an alternative conductor. Although the cost pressure makes them unbearable, it is difficult for them to make a comprehensive renewal under the pressure of a large number of products. Lacquered aluminum wire has a good prospect in electric cars and kitchen appliances. At present, aluminum wire has the best sales volume in the home appliance industry and is the most mature motor conductor. In the environment of consumption pattern and rapid development, presumably low-cost and high-quality aluminum wire can continue to shine and heat as a conductor.