Two-layer Polyimide Fluoroplastic Film Heat-resistant Winding Wire Shipped Abroad

Recently, our company exported a batch of two-layer polyimide fluoroplastic film heat-resistant winding wire PPIU-2.24 IEC 60317-0-1:2013 to Russia. Great feedback received.

Polyimide is a general term for a class of aromatic heterocyclic polymers containing imine rings in the main chain. It is usually formed by polycondensation of dibasic anhydrides and diamines. Due to the different monomer structures, the obtained polycondensation products are divided into three types: infusible, fusible and modified. Among them, the product obtained by polycondensation of pyromellitic dianhydride and 4,4′-diaminodiphenyl ether is the most common species. It was first made by the DuPont Company of the United States in 1955, and it was put into industrial production in 1961. It has been made into films, coatings, reinforced plastics, adhesives, impregnated varnishes, foamed plastics, molded plastics and fibers. Polyimide has the advantages of high strength, high temperature resistance, flame retardant, wear resistance, impact resistance, radiation resistance, fatigue resistance, aging resistance, chemical resistance, stable size, excellent insulation, etc., so it is used in aerospace, atomic energy, Automotive, electronics, electrical and many other industrial sectors are widely used, but the cost is high and processing is not easy.

Polyimide film has good performance in the range of -269 ~ 400 ℃, high dielectric and mechanical strength, can be used as heat-resistant insulating liner and winding material for motors of class H or higher, and can be used as a motor that works at 250 ℃ Insulation medium, heating insulated cables for induction ovens at 350-400°C, flexible printed circuits and multilayer printed circuits. Molded products are wear-resistant, high and low temperature resistant, radiation resistant, and stable in size. They can be used to manufacture high temperature and high vacuum self-lubricating bearings, compressor piston rings, high temperature electrical equipment parts, radiation resistant products and magnet wires.

The enameled wire made of polyimide has good tensile strength and high elongation at break, suitable for the application of large equipment.