Transposed cable to Russia

Technical specification for the transposed wire
Wire mark sizes: 1.60 x 5.60 / 0.72 x13
Technical Conditions(Russian Classification) № 27.32.1 1-129-59595813-2019
Wire length on the drum/roll: 184 m Number of drums/rolls: 6
Total wire length: 1104 m Total wire weight: 1,150 kg
Drum Type: 1000/540-460
Minimum winding diameter of the winding: 533 mm

Insulation of elementary conductors E
Base layer: Polyvinylformal Thickness: 0.10 mm
Adhesive layer: Epoxy thermoplastic thickness: 0.05mm

Basic insulation
Inner layers: Transformer (compacted kraft) paper of the brands TVU-085, 5B4/5A4(Russian
Outer Layer: Microcreped 32HCC, Cindus
Separator material: Electrical insulating cardboard thickness: 0.2mm

Wire width B: min. 12.32 mm
nom. 12.427 mm
max. 12.47 mm
Wire height H: min. 12.87 mm
nom. 12.97 mm
max. 13.27 mm

transposed conductor

The conditional yield strength of the wire is not msnss: 180 MPa
Additional requirements:
yield strength tolerance -0;+20 MPa;
the diameter of the axial hole of the drum is more than 82 mm;
the degree of polymerization of the initial winding paper of the windings is at least 1250 units