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Where did the electric motor come from?

An electric motor, it is a device that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy, it works by using a conductive coil to generate a magnetic field that rotates and drives torque. According to the type of power supply can be divided into direct-current motor and alternating-current motor. Belgian inventors Gramme, Zenobe Theophile made an improved type of alternating-current motor in Paris, France in 1867, followed by a direct-current motor generator in 1869. Prior to this, Faraday and Henry theoretically determined the possibility of making a generator and made experimental products. This laid the foundation for Gramme, Zenobe Theophile to make a generator that could actually be used for industrial production, and all the history of the electric industry began with these two motors.

What is an electric motor?

As a constant speed driving machine, the electric motor has the characteristics of a constant relationship between speed and power frequency. It can be divided into two parts: a shell that remains stationary and a rotatable core, that is the stator and the rotor. The stator is usually made of iron or steel after heat treatment, and it is composed of the magnetic pole, machine base, reversing pole, brush device, end ring and bearing. The rotor serves as the focal point of the entire energy conversion process, transferring energy from the power source around winding coil or enameled wire. These two materials usually use high temperature resistant materials to cope with high temperature working conditions. The magnetic field generated by electricity drives the rotor to rotate so as to generate mechanical energy. The alternating-current motor realizes energy conversion and work through the interaction between electricity and magnetic field. Because of its working characteristics, it has excellent working efficiency in low voltage environment, and can also adjust its working state by changing the voltage. In the process of work will not produce smoke and dust and any smell, according to the use of power can be divided into two kinds of motor, they do their own jobs. Ac motor structure is simple, easy to manufacture and repair, it is the pursuit of cost-effective equipment of the first choice of energy, and direct-current motor has better handling, has a larger speed up space and faster speed up ability. Both are widely used in electronic instruments, office equipment, gasoline and chemical plants, steel works, textile equipment and other fields.

How do I use my electric motor?

Electric motors have been in human life for more than 150 years and are now an indispensable part. Through the cooperation of winding coils, enameled wires, bearings, and other tiny components, most of the tasks of the electric power industry are accomplished. Like the birth of the electric motor, any inevitability comes from an accidental attempt. LP Industry located in Zhengzhou is honored to escort your work if you need any assist, This is a large enterprise with 30 years of production experience, especially experience in works with electric motors. The main products produced by its factory include parts for electric motors, high quality alloy end ting and beating which have good heat conduction and thermal conductivity are ready to protect your electric motors. In addition, enameled wire and winding coil as the key stars of motor club are ready to burn for you again. All inevitability of success shortly begin with your once attempt.