Electromagnetic wire in the Electrical Fields

The Role of Conductor Wires in the Electrical Field

Electromagnetic wire is a kind of insulating layer of conductive metal wire, coil to become an electrician products, its principle is to use the Faraday electromagnetic induction effect of magnetic field current, current or cut magnetic lines, electricity and magnetic field can be converted into mechanical energy, is the electric power equipment, industrial motor, household appliances, automobile, electric tools, instruments and meters and other products of the important components, Known as the motor, electrical appliances “heart”.

The Classification of Electromagnetic Wires

According to the conductor material, enameled wire can be divided into copper wire, aluminum wire, alloy wire; According to the shape of conductor, enameled wire can be divided into round wire, flat wire and special-shaped wire; According to the insulation material, electromagnetic wire can be divided into enameled wire, wrapped wire, inorganic insulation wire. The upstream field of the electromagnetic wire industry chain mainly includes conductors, insulating materials and lubricating materials. Different products can be used in different electrical fields, electromagnetic wire to meet most of the work needs.

The Prospect of Electromagnetic Wires

The electromagnetic wire industry has entered the mature period, the industry competition is more sufficient. Driven by low industry demand, the consumption of electromagnetic wires in China shows a growing development trend on the whole, but due to overcapacity and serious product homogenization, the market competition is fierce. At present, there are many magnetic wire manufacturers in China, with a large scale gap, ranging from more than 1,000 tons to 100,000 tons per year. As the general electromagnetic wire production technology and process is relatively mature, except for a few large-scale enterprises, the rest of the enterprises have serious product homogeneity, which makes the electromagnetic wire industry more competitive.