Siemens Electric motor

Electric Motors made by Siemens Company

Siemens Company is a leading manufacturer of electric motors in the international electrical field, with more than 100 years of experience in electric motor manufacturing. Siemens Electric products are used in almost all industrial fields, no matter what kind of load needs to be driven, Siemens motors can meet the requirements of the job. Motor products for FS80toFS355mm series, product voltage of 220v/380v 50hz. The product has IP55 high protection grade.

The Advantages of Siemens Motor

Siemens motors have almost all the advantages that high quality motors contain. First, the IP55 protection level is a symbol of safety and reliability, avoiding accidents caused by conductive faults. Secondly, high efficiency power conversion can reduce consumption, greatly reducing the ineffective use of power. The cost performance ratio is the key point that the electrical user cannot ignore. At last, the lower product price can save the cost but improve the energy efficiency. Wires can be flexibly output, support customer customization to cope with different positions.
Modular design can greatly increase the service life of the motor.

The Cooperation Partner for Materials

ZhengZhou LP Industry has been able to provide enameled wires of various materials as accessories to Siemens motor factory in China. The long-term partnership with Siemens Company also proves that as a wire manufacturer to overseas customers, the quality of their products has reached a high standard. The company has long been known by other motor manufacturers for its high quality line of enameled wire production.