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Magnet Coils in the case of Electric Vehicle

Electric vehicles are being favored by manufacturers as a means of transportation driven by new energy sources. The amazing fact is that electric vehicle have a much longer history than fuel vehicle. The first oil-fired generator to serve as the heart of a conventional car was successfully worked in 1885, while the first electric car appeared in 1839. With the development of automobile, the traditional fuel engine can not meet the purpose of low emission and consumption gradually. The advantages of Conductor coil as the power device of electric energy are constantly amplified. Getting rid of fuel is the biggest advantage that it shows, saving the earth's non-renewable resources and reducing carbon dioxide emissions. The core part of the electric device is composed of the stator and rotor. Usually, there are two groups of enameled copper wires inside the coils as conductors. The main wires are made by 0.5-1mm enameled copper wire wound with 200-500 turns, and the finer secondary enameled wires are made of 0.1mm wire wound with 15,000-25,000 turns. According to the power supply can be divided into alternating current motor and direct current motor two. These magnet coils are divided into five types: 120 (grade E), 180 (grade H), 200 (grade C), 220 (grade C Plus) and 240 (grade HC) to meet different operating temperatures.

Advantages of Magnet Coils for Electric Vehicle

The traditional engine ignites gasoline and generates heat to propel a piston, this process converting that heat into mechanical energy for up and down movement in turn, the rotating motion is completed by a crank, which can only produce effective power at a limited speed, similar to the mode of operation of a steam engine. The gasoline-fired generator produces an efficiency of about 42 percent when working, and some of the energy is consumed by the two movements of the piston and the crank. And winding engine and no such problem, the magnet coils as the motor, the process of producing energy must have the rotary motion, the operation mode of the simple and direct to enable it to remain around 90 percent of the work efficiency, 180 to 240 degrees flat coils are widely used in the field of electric vehicles, it is a conductor of the electric car engine with simple structure, smaller volume, lighter weight. It has better electrical conductivity, it has longer working life and corrosion resistance and mechanical force. enameled copper wire can produce maximum power in a small motor.

Choice over Effort

Electric vehicles need an adequate source of electricity to drive, so low resistance in the motor coil becomes a high requirement, as higher resistance leads to more energy consumption and higher temperature. Not only will the performance of the motor be lost, but also the heat dissipation and cooling device will cause pressure. The longer the service time will lead to the destruction of the insulation layer outside the magnet coils, and the choice of high-quality copper wire as conductor becomes the top priority. ZhengZhou LP Industry, with nearly 30 years of work experience, has been providing Zhengzhou LP Industry with such standard product overseas, serving companies in different countries, coexisting and striving for progress has always been the tenet of the company as well as the actions of the engineers. Their development is just beginning like the coils as a driving device for electric cars.