Terms and definitions of Enameled Magnet Wire

According to IEC 60851, listing the Terms and definitions of Enameled Magnet Wire
1.1 bonding layer
material which is deposited on an enamelled wire and which has the specific function of bondingwires together
1.2 bunched wire
winding wires consisting of a quantity of small diameter insulated wires laid-up together withoutpredetermined geometrical position and with or without additional covering
1.3 class
thermal performance of a wire expressed by the temperature index and the heat shocktemperature
1.4 coating
material which is deposited on a conductor or wire by suitable means and then dried and/orcured
1.5 conductor
bare metal after removal of the insulation
1.6 covering
material which is wound, wrapped or braided around a bare or insulated conductor
1.7 crack
opening in the insulation which exposes the conductor to view at the stated magnification
1.8 cure
process of converting a reactive compound into a stable, usable condition by polymerization(polycondensation and polyaddition) and/or crosslinking
1.9 dual coating
insulation composed of two different materials, an underlying and a superimposed coating
1.10 enamelled wire
wire coated with an insulation of cured resin
1.11 grade
range of increase in dimension of the wire due to insulation
1.12 insulation
coating or covering of the conductor with the specific function of withstanding voltage
1.13 nominal conductor dimension
designation of the conductor size in accordance with the specification sheet in the IEC 60317series
1.14 sole coating
insulation composed of one material
1.15 winding wires
wire used for winding a coil to provide a magnetic field
1.16 wire
conductor coated or covered with an insulation
1.17 normal vision
20/20 vision, with corrective lenses, if necessary
1.18 zero-defect wire
winding wire that exhibits no electrical discontinuities when tested under specific conditions