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What's the TBEA Electric Company?

TBEA Electric Company the first listed company in China's transformer industry, the core backbone enterprise of China's major equipment manufacturing industry, the national enterprise technology center and postdoctoral research station, with the right of foreign economic and technological cooperation and the qualification of national foreign aid project construction. It is the first enterprise group to obtain "China Famous Trademark" and "China Famous Brand Product" in China's major equipment manufacturing industry. At the same time, it is also China's important transformer, wire and cable, high voltage electronic aluminum foil new materials, solar core control components of the research and development, manufacturing and export enterprises.

Transformer of TBEA Electric Company

The annual production capacity of transformer reaches 80,000 MVA; The annual production capacity of 110kV and above enameled wires and cables is nearly 2.5 billion RMB. It has reached the world's leading level in the development of ultra-high voltage power transmission and transformation, DC power transmission, large-scale hydropower and nuclear power transmission and transformation equipment. It is the first domestic enterprise with independent intellectual property rights of ±220kV-±500kV DC converter, capable of producing UHV power transformers of 1000kV and below, reactors of 750kV and below. 500kV and below DC converter, 220kV and below railway traction transformer, large rectifier transformer and other special transformer products. 110KV-500KV high voltage cable and 750kV ultra-high voltage large section wire manufacturing technology at the domestic leading level. Our products are widely used in the construction of power grid and international key projects in 31 provinces and regions.

Advantages of TBEA Electric Company

TBEA Electric Company always focus on "power transmission and transformation, new energy, new materials," three areas of development and collaborative development, always adhere to the scientific concept of development, to enterprise, steady, do as the guiding ideology, in order to improve the capacity for independent innovation as the guide, combining the implementation of institutional innovation and technological innovation, constantly optimize the industrial structure, product structure and market structure, promote enterprise's core competitive ability, To build a well-known international brand. The company always follows the business purpose of "gratifying customers, reassuring employees and reassuring shareholders", achieves win-win results in cooperation, serves the global economy, promotes human progress, and becomes the world's trusted electrical service provider.