SWG 33-10 Round Enameled Copper Winding Wire To Kenya

LP Industry sold the enameled copper winding wire to Kenya with large quantity and high quality which is a type of winding wire made by electric round copper rod which drawn by dies with special size, then over coated with enamel repetitiously.

The Technical specifications of the enameled round copper wire

Name Enameled Round Copper Wire
Conductor Copper
Compliance to standards Comply to IEC 60317:2013
Grade Grade III or grade II for gauges not manufactured in III
Size Round enamel range(SWG 33-10)
Elongation Min. 28%
Spring Back Max. 44%
Breakdown Voltage Min. 5000V
Cut through 3200C 2 min, no breakdown
Jerk test Should not crack
Conductor resistance 0.003304 to 0.03498
Peel test Min 73 twist
Mandrel test Should not crack
Heat shock test 220/30 0C/min, no breakdown
Tangent delta 180-220℃

Magnet wire is fine copper wire that has been coated with a polymeric insulation, which is usually called “enamel,” although the polymer may not actually be an enamel in the chemical sense of the word.
Maximum service temperature depends on the type of insulating polymer used. Specifications for magnet wires are given in standards such as JIS C3103; NEMA MW-1000, MW-35C, and MW-15. The most common sizes range between 25 and 44 AWG. High-purity oxygen-free (OF) copper grades are used for high-temperature applications in reducing atmospheres or in motors/generators cooled by hydrogen gas.

enameled copper winding wire

The OF coppers are immune to hydrogen embrittlement, which can rise when gaseous hydrogen reacts with the copper oxides found in tough-pitch coppers to form water vapor filled voids.

Characteristics of common magnet wire

Designation Description Operating tempenture, max Applications
COSOL Copper, polymethane 105℃ Recommended use electromagnetic coils, regulator coils, and when many welds are required as there is no need for insulation nemoval for welding
BONDEZEM Polyester, copper, cementable layer 150℃ Eletice motors. ballast coils, and applications where nbbons or impregnating vamishes for coil support can be eliminated
HTH Polyester, copper, amideimide 200℃ Motors, dry tansformer, and electical equipment operating up to 200°C
HHTH Polyester, copper, amideimide 200℃ Air tight motors for refrigeration, using Preon 12 or 22, and applications similar to HTH