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What's the Schneider Electric Company?

Schneider Electric Company started in France in 1920. In 1836, the Schneider brothers took over the Creusot foundry, which was in trouble at that time. Two years later, they established Schneider & Cie. In 1891, Schneider began to enter the emerging electricity market, and reformed itself. 1981-1997 Schneider Electric set aside some non-strategic activities and continued to focus on the power industry to this day.

Transformer of Schneider Electric Company

Schneider Electric Company is committed to providing customers with safe, reliable, efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly energy equipment. The enameled wire coil of the transformer is vacuum-impregnated with solvent-free resin. It has two primary winding forms, single winding and double winding, and can be used in 25VA to 2500VA power environment. It can work normally in 40 to 60 degrees without reducing the capacitance. It can be installed directly or on the guide rail. The whole series is equipped with ground shield, which is highly safe and not prone to failure. Support. P P is the coefficient of a single-phase network. Support 230 and 400V input voltage, can output 12 to 230V.

Choice over Effort

Schneider Electric Company is the world's energy efficiency management experts, leading brands in the field of power distribution equipment, it is more than 100 countries, industry, energy and infrastructure data centers and networks, buildings and residential markets provide the overall solution, including the energy and infrastructure, industrial process control, building automation, and data center and network market is a world leading position, It also has strong market capabilities in residential applications.