Rotor Winding Copper Strip-1/P412-085

Copper Strip – Cold Worked
To PPI Purchase Specification
PPI-020-002 Rev C.
Profile To Drawing 1/P412-085
Supplied Length = 1.2 Metres
Designation :- CR012A
Certificate of Conformity
Certificate of Conformity Required.
Certificate of Mechanical & Chemical Properties Required.
In Accordance with EN10204
3.1. (This shall be supplied by a test house qualified to EN17025 or UKAS Accredited).

The material will contain a minimum of 0.06% silver (BS EN 1976 designation Cu-Ag-3). The material will be supplied tough pitch either cold worked to between 10 and 15% to achieve the following tabulated properties. Where copper is specified as having part of its length cold worked and part of its length fully annealed then the transition will be considered satisfactory if the material is fully annealed 75mm outboard of the designated datum and retaining the minimum properties for cold worked material 150mm inboard of the datum.

Fully annealed material will be capable of being bent 100° on edge round a pin of radius 0.8 times the material width without damage. Any oxide or similar surface layers produced during the annealing process should be removed prior to despatch.

It is the suppliers decision whether he shaves the copper or not but the surface must be free of defects such as slivers, die pickup, burrs, inclusions, adherent metal, dents or raised metal, scratches, corrosion and pitting etc. The final finished size will be as described on the drawing with tolerances as specified in BS EN 13601 (table 6). There will be corner radii of 0.45mm +/- 0.2mm unless otherwise specified.

Min. Elongation on 50mm%2035

Unit Cold Worked Fully Annealed
Min. 0.1% Proof Stress N/mm2 200 40
Tensile Strength N/mm2 250Min 250Max
Hardness HV 95Min 50Max

Packing must ensure that the material does not suffer damage as defined above during transport, lifting, handling and dry but unheated prolonged indoor storage. The PPI Purchase Order document will define the copper delivery address.

Copper strips that have a central cold worked area and annealed ends are to be packed in straight lengths in such a manner that when each single strip is laid flat on a flat table each strip does not lift from the table by more than 5mm. In the edgewise direction it must still comply with EN BS13602. It is envisaged that wood or metal boxes will be required and if they are to be returned then they should be so labelled and the return address supplied with each box. Joints in copper strips are not permitted.

LP Industry can supply the Certificates to show that each batch of material complies with the above specification and the quantities comply with the purchase order.