Solderable polyester enameled wire plays an increasingly prominent role in the development of electrical materials. It is composed of copper wire and polyester resin coating. polyester resin is a polymer compound formed by polymerization of dihydric alcohol and acid or polyhydric alcohol and acid. polyester resin is divided into two types: saturated and unsaturated. Polyester paint is mainly composed of polyester resin, color filler, initiator and other additives. The adhesive has small viscosity, easy wetting, good technology, and the cured adhesive layer has large hardness, good transparency, high brightness, high temperature tolerance, and excellent electrical conductivity.

Solderable polyester enameled wire needs to ensure the conductive ability of the copper wire in the production process, the copper wire will be annealing and softening, polyester resin paint, through heat treatment solidification. All kinds of enameled wires have different quality characteristics, but they all have mechanical properties, chemical properties, electrical properties and thermal properties. According to the size and heat resistance can be divided into 120 degrees (E), 180 degrees (H), 200 degrees (C), 220 degrees (C plus) and 240 degrees (HC), a variety of heat resistance grades can make polyester enameled wire to meet the need of different works. Weldable polyester enameled wire can also solder stannum above 450 degrees. it keeps excellent performance in relays, small transformers, small motors, contactors, ignition coils, magnetic coils and automotive coils.

As a mainstream product in enameled wires, solderable polyester enameled It gradually gained the attention of electrical manufacturers because it demonstrated excellent electrical conductivity and finish durability in high temperature environments, friction and pressure environments, chemical solvent testing. Among them, the demand force of small generator manufacturers is the highest. ZhengZhou LP Industry is a company with nearly 30 years experience in designing and manufacturing conductors and known for its high quality conductive materials, providing enamelcovered wires and excellent conducting wires for a wide range of applications.

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