Requirements for the winding wire 0.025 mm From Russia Client

Russia Client want to buy the ultra-fine enameled round copper wire 0.025 used for motor winding. The clients send the technical task to LP Industry.

1. The nominal diameter of the wire is 0.025 mm, the permissible deviation of the wire diameter is ± 0.002, the minimum diametrical insulation thickness is 0.003 mm, the maximum wire diameter is 0.034 mm.
2. The resistance of 1 m of wire should be within (38-45.35) ohms;
3. The breakdown voltage must be at least 120 V.
4. The wire should be covered with a solid layer of insulating enamel. The surface of the wires should be smooth and free of foreign inclusions.
5. The winding of the wires on the coil should be tight, without loops, mechanical damage, entanglement and sticking of the coils. The distance between the upper row of turns of the wire and the edge of the flange of the coil should be at least 3 mm.
6. The relative elongation of the wire when stretched to break should be at least 4%.
7. The insulation of the wire must withstand the adhesion test when the wire is stretched by a jerk until it breaks.
8. The wire must remain operational at temperatures from -60 ° C to +155 ° C
9. The wire must be resistant to temperature changes from -60°C to +200 °C
10. The wire must be resistant to organic solvents such as gasoline or trichloroethylene for 10 minutes.
11 .The wire must be tinned without first removing the insulation at a temperature of (460 ± 5)°C
12. Operating time of the wire at a temperature of +200 °C must be at least 1000 h.
13. The shelf life of the wire is at least 15 years.