Non-woven Polyester Film Wrapped Wire

Non-woven Polyester Film Wrapped Wire is a wire or cable product that is made of a non-woven covering layer wrapped with a polyester film insulation layer. This structure makes the wire have good insulation properties, mechanical strength and wear resistance.

The following are the main features and applications of non-woven polyester film covered wire:


Insulation performance: As the main insulation layer, polyester film has good electrical insulation properties and can effectively block the flow of current and provide safe electrical isolation.
Mechanical Strength: The non-woven covering enhances the mechanical strength and abrasion resistance of the wire, giving it high tensile strength and durability.
Temperature resistance: Polyester film has good temperature resistance and can withstand high temperature environments within a certain range without losing insulation properties.
Chemical corrosion resistance: Non-woven polyester film covered wire has good corrosion resistance to common chemical substances and can work stably in some corrosive environments.

Non-woven polyester film covered wire is widely used in fields such as power, electronics, communications and automobiles. Common applications include:

Motors and Transformers: Used for the insulation of motor windings and transformer coils.
Electronic equipment: used for internal wire connection and insulation of electronic products, such as televisions, computers, stereos, etc.
Communication systems: used for insulation and protection of communication cables and fiber optic cables.
Automotive electrical systems: Insulation for automotive wiring harnesses and electrical connections.
Overall, non-woven polyester film covered wire combines the good insulation properties of polyester film with the mechanical strength of non-woven fabric, providing a reliable and durable wire and cable solution suitable for a variety of applications electrical connections and insulation requirements.