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What is NOMEX Paper?

As an insulating material, Nomex is widely used in various electrical equipment and electronic fields that meet UL, IEC and various national and regional standards, such as electrical insulation of motors, transformers, household appliances, power tools and small HVAC equipment. Nomex paper 410 was the first Nomex paper developed and one of the higher volume grades made, mostly for electrical insulation purposes.
Nomex Paper is used in electrical laminates such as circuit boards and transformer cores as well as fireproof honeycomb structures where it is saturated with a phenolic resin. Honeycomb structures such as these, as well as mylar-Nomex laminates, are used extensively in aircraft construction. Firefighting, military aviation, and vehicle racing industries use Nomex to create clothing and equipment that can withstand intense heat. By using Nomex paper as electrical insulation, manufacturers of everything from transformers and generators to wind turbine systems and hybrid electric vehicles (HEV) have been able to help improve the integrity and performance of their own products. Nomex has been the material of choice for electrical insulation, helping to extend the life of electrical equipment and prevent premature failures. There’s a high-quality material to address virtually any electrical insulation requirement.

Nomex Insulation Paper

NOMEX Paper - Advatnages

Nomex aramid paper is mainly employed as dielectric insulator for high temperature systems. It provides lightweight, durable, heat and flame-resistant performance for many applications and industries. Nomex electrical insulation paperhas a lifetime over 20.000 hours at 220°C. Apart from heightening the average lifetime of electrical appliances Nomex insulation paper reduces considerably the number and probability of damages and protects the machine in case of electrical overload and temperature peaks. Its supe­rior mechanical toughness enables windings to withstand the most severe mechanical shocks. The resistance to cryogenic temperatures, humidity, radiation and fire and its non-toxic fumes complete the list of dupont Nomex paper’s unique characteristics. These improve the integrity and performance of everything from transformers and generators to wind turbine systems and hybrid electric vehicles. Nomex paper temperature rating is classified as insulator class C 220°C all major certifying bodies worldwide. Nomex 416 LAM is a paper designed for use in electrical flexible laminate insulation. It is produced in three thicknesses: 0.05 mm (2 mil), 0.08 mm (3 mil) and 0.13 mm (5 mil). Nomex aramid paper based laminates are used to create high-integrity electrical insulation for motors, generators and transformers.

Nomex insulation Paper for motor winding

Nomex Paper Size Or Nomex Paper Specification

Nomex® 410: is the original form and it is made up of a calendered paper available in different thicknesses.
Nomex® 411: is an uncalendered paper, so with lower electrical and machanical proper­ties when compared to 410, but with a slight permeability to resins and varnishes.
Nomex® 414: is similar to 410, but is calendered under different conditions which pro­duce a strong, more flexible and conformable sheet.
Nomex® 818: also called Nomex Mica is produced by adding 50% mica platelets to the floc and fibrids. 818 is a calendered product with high inherent dielectric strength and can also be impregnated with varnishes if required.
Nomex® 992: is a low-density pressboard produced in 2 thicknesses (1.6 and 3.2 mm ).
Nomex® 993: is a medium-density pressboard produced in 6 thicknesses (1.0 to 4.0 mm).
Nomex® 994: is a high density pressboard available in 12 thicknesses (1.0 to 9.6 mm).
Nomex® 356: is a low-density type available in thicknesses from 0.13 to 0.51 mm.

Nomex insulation size

Enameled Wire Covered By NOMEX Paper

According to Nomex paper properties and Nomex paper insulation class, NOMEX Paper covered enameled Wire is extruded or drawn from oxygen-free copper rod or electrical round aluminum rod with certain specification mould and then wrapped with US Du Pont Company's NOMEX paper of Type T410. Nomex insulation paper is widely applied in transformer, motor winding, electric welding machines and other similar electrical instruments, then electrical bare copper or aluminum wire with extrusion process is the ideal material for NOMEX paper wrapped wire. Nomex f class insulation paper is best choice for large voltage transformers with high dielectric strength, mechanical toughness and flexibility. NOMEX paper's electrical, chemical and mechanical properties are extremely high, and it's elasticity, flexibility, anti-tearing, moisture resistance and resistance to wear are very good. Moreover it has the acid and alkali corrosion. And it is not easily destroyed by insects, fungus as well as streptomyces. It has the compatibility with all kinds of varnish, adhesive, transformer liquid, lubricant, and coolant. Meanwhile, NOMEX paper has strong thermal resistance. Even if the temperature reaches 220℃, the insulation property is the same. Transformer with NOMEX paper wrapper wire can bring client a lot of economic, environmental and safe benefits.

Nomex paper covered enameled wire