Motor characteristics of self-adhesive enameled wire manufacturing

Motor characteristics
A motor made of heat-resistant composite coating self-adhesive enameled wire as the winding. The wire wound disc motor has many unique features compared with other micro motors and special motors, such as:
(1) The size is compact, the axial size is small, the armature has no iron core, the moment of inertia is small, it can be started frequently, and the control response is good.
(2) This type of motor has low inductance (due to the lack of an iron core), good commutation performance, and the carbon brush life can be more than twice that of an iron core motor. For brushless motors, the cost of control components can be reduced.
(3) Large output and high efficiency. The conductor has a high occupancy rate and can obtain a high output; after adopting an iron-core permanent magnet structure, the motor has no iron loss and excitation loss, and the efficiency can be 1.2 times that of an iron-core motor.
(4) The starting torque is large, the mechanical characteristics are hard, and the motor overload force is large;
(5) Low cost and light weight.
self-adhesive enameled wire
Motor assessment
After the motor is manufactured, it has been tested by the authoritative unit type test, and all performance indicators have fully reached the national standard. Moreover, it can run for 500 hours without failure at full load. Install the five prototypes on five electric bicycles respectively, and drive on various roads (asphalt roads, cement roads, gravel roads, country roads and urban bridges) and under different climatic conditions. The continuous driving is above 1500Km. The motor The operation is normal without any failure, and some have continued to drive more than 4000 kilometers. In addition, the motor has also obtained good results after being tried on other mechanical equipment.

Armature assessment
The armature is the heart of the motor, and the reliability of the armature is the main dependence of the reliability of the motor. After the armature is subjected to the continuous aging test of 1000h/130℃, the armature is intact and still fully meets the performance requirements of the motor. The heat-resistant composite coating self-adhesive enameled wire used in the armature can withstand all the tests, which is the main key to the quality of the armature to withstand the above tests.

The insulation resistance of the armature to ground before and after continuous aging at 130℃ and 1000h far exceeds the requirements of the national standard (≥1MΏ). In addition, the second moisture resistance test was completed, and there was no breakdown after the 375V voltage strength test, and there was no short circuit or disconnection between the winding turns. The self-adhesive enameled wire is completely suitable for the performance requirements of disc motors, and is very suitable for the characteristics of the manufacturing process of this type of motor windings, which greatly shortens the armature manufacturing cycle. In addition, since the self-adhesive enameled wire has good adhesion, it will be used in cup-shaped armature motors and other control motors, which will provide great convenience for the manufacturing process of these motors.

The self-adhesive enameled wire with heat-resistant composite coating can quickly bond the self-adhesive layer by baking heating or energization heating, and be firmly formed after cooling, and its series of excellent properties make it very suitable for some special processes The required micro motor manufacturing. It has the advantages of simple manufacturing process, time saving, energy saving, environmental protection, and good motor performance, reaching the level of similar foreign products. As the application of heat-resistant composite coating self-adhesive enameled wire develops from small control motors to large motors and transformers, it will increasingly show a broad market prospect.