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What's the Magnet Coil?

An magnet coil is a conducting device that performs electrical work by converting electrical and magnetic forces into mechanical energy by applying electricity through a wire outside a magnet. The components of electromagnet coil are absorption coil (enameled wire group) and magnetic force system (magnet body). The magnetic force system is composed of iron core, magnetic yoke and armature. A simple conducting structure is housed in a cylindrical housing to perform various electrical tasks. Screw, direct, E, and U are all common forms, but they all work on a similar principle. The magnetic force will be generated when the coil is energized, and the inflow end of the magnetic force is S pole and the output end is N pole. The opposite magnetic pole will be generated at both ends of the magnet, and the attractive magnetic force will be generated between the iron core and the armature.

Electrical Advantages of Magnet Coil

Magnet coil is widely used in the electrical field, simple operation, only need to control the power switch, can make it complete the work, this process can be automatic or remote control. The application voltage of AC magnet coil is generally 220V, and the electrical circuit is simple to set up. It has the characteristics of large starting power and short reversing time. The DC magnet coil uses 24V DC voltage, so special DC power supply is required. Its advantages are that it will not be damaged by core failure, there is no heat dissipation bar on its cylindrical shell, small volume, reliable operation, it can working frequency of 120 times/min with small commutation impact and long working life.

Sensible Option about Enameled Wire for Magnet Coil

ZhengZhou LP Industry is providing magnet coil dealers with excellent enameled wire to extend the working life of the product. The low voltage wire working at 240 degree temperature can prevent the useless power loss and protect the magnet from working properly. Size can be customized to meet various requirements such as 0.11mm, 0.12mm, 0.21mm, 1mm. The choice of high quality enameled wire can effectively improve the efficiency of the magnet coil, to meet the needs of customers in the electrical field.