IEC ANSI-NEMA GB magnet wire model comparison chart

List the magnet wire model comparison chart according to IEC, ,ANSI-NEMA and GB standard, understand the insulation materials short word and thermal calss. some type of magnet wire can solderability, also called self-bonding enameled wire. LP Industry can produce the magnet wire which is customized by clients.

Mianly produce copper magnet wire, enameled aluminum wire, can learn more technical parermaters for magnet wire, you can visit other page.

P.LEO Solderability Thermal Class(˚C) ANSI-NEMA IEC Trade Name GB
UEW or UEW-130 X 130 MW-75C 317-04 PU/130 QA/130
UEW-155 or UEW-F X 155 MW-79C 317-20 PU/155 QA/155
UEW-Y X 130 MW-28C 317-19 (PU/N)/130 Q(A/X)/130
UEW-E X 155 MW-80C 317-21 (PU/N)155 Q(A/X)/155
PEW 155 MW-5C 317-03 PE/155 QZ/155
EIW or EIW-180 180 MW-30C 317-08 PEI /180 QZY/180
EIW-A or EIW-200 200 MW-35C 317-13 (PEI/PAI)/200 Q(ZY/XY)/200
EIA-W2 or EIAW 200 MW-73C (PEI/PAI)/200 Q(ZY/XY)/200