Enameled copper wire is a kind of electromagnetic wire which consists of copper as conductor and multi-layer insulator according to European 13601 CU-ETP standard. Multilayer insulation can be polyester, modified polyester or polyester imide, etc. IEC 60317-52:2014 specifies the requirements for winding copper wires with a temperature index of 220. The insulation layer is wrapped by one or more aromatic polyamide (aramid) tapes of varying thickness. This standard covers nominal conductor diameters ranging from 1600 mm to 5000 mm inclusive. Enamelled round copper wire is a kind of enamelled wire with high heat resistance. Its temperature range is 130°C to 240°C.

enameled round copper wire


Enameled copper wire has excellent conductivity, and it is the best metal material for conducting wire. High quality aromatic polyamide enamelled winding wire uses TU2 oxygen-free copper as raw material. TU2 oxygen free copper can ensure the thermal conductivity of the full play. It can withstand thermal shock at temperatures of 220 to 240°C. And a kind of linear polyamide containing aromatic ring spun synthetic fiber. It is divided into whole aromatic polyamide fiber and aliphatic polyamide fiber containing aromatic ring. Grade 220 enameled copper winding wire is usually polyamide diamine enamele with a molecular weight of 81. The product passes the European IEC and UL standards. It has excellent thermodynamic properties, good mechanical wear resistance and good chemical resistance, and can work stably in the high temperature environment below 230 degrees.



Typical applications of enameled copper wire include sealing motors, welders, modern instruments and other rotating coils. Class 220 polyamide enameled winding copper wire is superior for small motors, automotive sensors and solenoids, transformers and electromagnetic equipment. The product is in demand as an indispensable conductive material in the electromagnetic field in Europe, especially in Russia. Enameled copper wires have sold well as electrical hearts in Russia, which is keen on electromagnetic technology that can be used in military and factory applications. The European enameled wire market is expected to grow at a significant rate during the forecast period from 2022 to 2028. The European market is valued at US $1,292.8 million in 2022 and is expected to exceed expectations as major players increasingly adopt strategies.


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