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What is Enamelling Machine ?

The enamelling machine is a machine that coats the surface of metal wire with insulating paint and makes it solidify. It is an important equipment for the production of enameled wire in the electromagnetic industry. Its function is to evenly wrap a layer of insulating paint outside the processed copper wire or aluminum wire. There are a lot of diluents and organic solvents used in the production of enameled wire, mainly including benzene, xylene and cresol, which volatilize when the film is heated and cured, causing environmental pollution and energy waste. There are more and more manufacturers of enameled wire. The energy-saving and environmental protection of the enameled wire maker has become a problem that can not be ignored.

How does Enamelling Machine Work ?

The production process of enameled wire first acts on the stretching of copper and aluminum rods and releases them into the softening furnace according to a certain tension moment. The second softening is done by a vacuum softening furnace. Coating is a key process in the production process of enameled wire. The purpose is to evenly coat the copper and aluminum wire with insulating paint. After that, it is drying, which is to heat and bake the metal wire soaked in the paint to make the organic solvent in the paint quickly volatilize; Dipping and drying are carried out in the lacquer oven of the enamelling machine, the quality of enameled wire is mainly determined by this process. There are two main factors affecting drying quality. One is the furnace temperature, furnace temperature control is completed by thermocouple and the corresponding temperature control equipment, this process is easy to achieve. Second, the copper and aluminum wire through the furnace time, time is too long affect the production efficiency, and may cause the change of product color, affect its appearance quality, time is too short, drying is not thorough, and will appear waste products.

The Development of Enamelling Machine

The new enamelling machine in the market has obvious energy saving after practical application, only half a year to save more than 200 thousand RMB electricity, it can be more than 60% electricity saving. The new enamelling machine has brought considerable energy saving benefits to the electrical industry, and also solved the problem of environmental protection for a long time. New enamelling charter inflammable, make full use of the organic solvent by catalytic combustion, make its heat harm for treasure, tries to use at the same time, by using principle of hot air circulation, achieve the dual purpose of energy conservation and environmental protection, energy saving and environmental protection effect is very obvious, become the inevitable trend of enameled wire production industry development, is worth popularization and application as soon as possible.