Enameled Wires are Used in Medical Instruments

Enameled wire refers to an industrial material that wraps a layer of insulating material on the outside of copper or aluminum wire and is used for electromagnetic conversion in motors and household appliances. Enameled wire is mainly used to manufacture electromagnetic coils in motors, and consists of conductors and insulating layers. We can understand it so simply that enameled wires are required for the electrical products in our daily life that can rotate, produce sound, and produce voltage changes, such as: air conditioners, washing machines, stereos, chargers, etc.

In recent years, the power industry has continued to grow rapidly, and the rapid development of household appliances has brought a wider field of application of enameled wires, followed by higher requirements for the quality of enameled wires. For this reason, the product structure adjustment of enameled wire is inevitable, and the matching detection methods need to be improved urgently. The outer insulating layer of the enameled wire has the function of insulating and protecting the wire, and its quality bears the brunt. The traditional detection method is to inspect the smoothness of the surface, the presence or absence of scars, and the uniform color of the wire through visual observation and hand touch. The detection efficiency is low. The results are not easy to save and have certain limitations. With the development of enameled wire technology and the requirements of small diameter and ultra-fine, advanced enameled wire testing equipment came into being.

The enameled wire produced by our company has a smooth surface, uniform color, no paint bumps and white lubricants, no peeling, oxidation, scratches, damage, knotting of the insulating paint film on the surface, and flat wiring is a qualified product. The qualified rate of the product It can reflect the stability of product quality and the rationality of material technology. In this regard, our company recommends a stereo microscope MZ62 paired with a scientific research-grade digital camera MSX2. Through the microscope’s continuous zoom, large depth of field, and high resolution, it clearly presents the surface of the enameled wire. At the same time, the matching measurement and analysis system has Measurement, analysis and other functions quickly and effectively improve the efficiency of qualitative inspection of product appearance.

In recent years, enameled wires have become more and more widely used in medical instruments, and enameled wires are indispensable for many surgical instruments, such as X-ray scanners and anesthesia machines. The application of enameled wire in medicine makes medical treatment more efficient and the treatment process more precise, which is a good thing for both patients and doctors.