Enameled Wire Shipped to Ukraine

Recently, our company has exported a large number of high-quality enameled wires to Ukraine. There are 11 kinds of enameled wires of different specifications, totaling more than 2000kg. Customers in Ukraine received our products and gave us good feedback.

technical requirements for Petd-2-200 enamel Wire:
– – Standards: IEC 60317-13, IEC 60317-0-1, certification in GJ Class 200
– Insulation: enamel insulation based on polyester or polyethirimide and outer
coating based on polyamidimide.

– Insulation thickness: type 2

– Color: Natural

– Temperature index: 200

– Heat stroke: not less than 220°C

Breakdown voltage: 3300 to 5700 V

– Chemical resistance: excellent

The above is the feedback from customers. Our enameled wires have passed the test and reached international standards.