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What is high-speed train?

G-series high-speed train is a senior design grade, secure and stable high-speed transportation system, it using electric forces to guide the train moving on the track. Power source is high speed train and the biggest difference between old train, honesty is the train by the front part of the combustion of diesel or other energy to drive the move was entirely, and the pantograph on the roof receive power from the cables. After electricity into the car's motor, the heart of the high speed train is start beating with enameled wires.

Permanen magnet Traction Motor in High-Speed Train

Permanent magnet traction motor is composed of stator, rotor, permanent magnet and coil. The fully enclosed design has the advantages of simple structure, it is easy repair and low noise. It uses permanent magnet excitation so there have no excitation current when working, which can ensure that the rotor has no copper consumption, the stator copper consumption is relatively low, these characteristics can effectively extend the working span of enameled copper wires, it can also working stably in the high temperature environment below 240 degrees with excellent efficiency. Compared with other motors, the efficiency of permanent magnet traction motor is improved by about 3%~5%. Because the stator winding's reactive excitation current is not required, the efficiency of wires is also become higher, and its strong overload ability can maintain slow to high speed climb and descent while docking and starting.

The Challenges that Traditional Wires Meet

Demagnetization of permanent magnets is a problem of history. Copper enameled wire has the advantages of high resistivity, light weight and pressure resistance. Although the enameled copper wire can maintain a long working span under high temperature and pressure, it is wrapped in important part that。named。permanent magnet. Compared with the former, there will be more points to care about. Impact and eddy current losses risk the permanent magnet losing its force or breaking, both of which are irreversible and have no rescue options. Therefore, the selection of high quality coil and permanent magnet, and the method of application in the specified temperature can greatly increase the working span of permanent magnet traction motor.