Copper-clad steel wire

Copper-clad steel refers to a copper-clad steel wire, that is, a composite wire with a copper layer wrapped around the steel wire. It uses the skin effect of low-voltage and high-frequency signals to walk along the surface in the high-frequency area. Therefore, as long as the thickness of the copper layer reaches a certain range, a certain The signal of each frequency band can be guaranteed to be transmitted. Copper plays a role in transmitting weak electrical signals, while steel wire plays a supporting role
Copper-clad steel wire
1. According to the purpose of application, copper clad steel can be mainly classified as:
1) The central conductor of the communication cable;
2) Shielded braided wire of communication cable;
3) Lead wires of electronic components;
4) Stranded ground wire and electrified railway line;
5) Lines for other decorative or anti-corrosion purposes.

2. According to the different diameters, copper-clad steel can be roughly divided into thick wires (above 1.6), large wires (0.6-1.6), middle wires (0.2-0.6), and micro wires (less than 0.2);

3. According to the difference of strength and referring to the extension situation, the copper clad steel is divided into: soft state A, semi-hard state M, hard state HS, super hard state EHS.

4. According to different functions, copper clad steel is divided into:
1) Deep-drawn bus bars, finished wires, stranded wires;
2) On the basis of copper clad steel, different types of deep processing can still be carried out, including tin plating, silver plating, painting, as well as stranding, cabling, nail making, or bright annealing weaving, etc.