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What's the Copper Clad Aluminum Wire?

Enameled wire as known as an important part of motor and cable, it is widely used in people's livelihood and industrial fields. Copper and aluminum have been serving human life for a long ago as two extremely excellent conductive metal materials. Science and technology are progressing like wheels roll, and the rapid development is inseparable from the learning and practice of human beings. In the 1960s, copper-clad aluminum wire entered the practical stage in the electric power field in America. This is a special conductor with aluminum as the main body and copper wrapped around it. Copper-clad aluminum wire is divided into different categories according to the copper layer volume ratio (10% to 15%) and soft and hard states (soft A, hard H). It works at 130 to 220 degrees and is closely to the efficiency of copper wire. After a very short period of time, it appeared in metallurgy, petroleum, chemical industry, steel, coal and communications.

Copper Clad Aluminum For Enameled Wire - Advantages

Aluminum as a conductor material, although has many advantages, but also has easy oxidation, high resistance, can not solder stannum and other shortcomings. The price of copper is volatile especially in countries that do not produce much copper, and the use of copper for power wires will be an economic burden. Therefore, copper-coated aluminum wire makes up for the loss of both. It not only solves the heavy weight and high cost of copper wire, but also changes the weakness of aluminum, which is easy to oxidize and difficult to weld. It has been welcomed by a large number of manufacturers. The United States, Britain, Japan and other countries have taken copper-coated aluminum as the third largest conductor after aluminum and copper, copper-coated aluminum wire is easy to connect, safe and reliable, light weight, good winding, low cost characteristics make it become the star conductor of transformers, motors and wires.

Improve your conductor program

As one of the earliest producers with mature experience in the production of copper clad aluminum wire, Zhengzhou LP Industry spent a lot of time learning from American manufacturers,Research and development personnel purchased relevant machines for experiment and production. After years of testing, they finally broke through the quality foundation, constantly improved the process, and improved the working efficiency of copper clad aluminum wires. Moreover, it solves the problem that most companies need copper wire but worry about the cost, so that the efficiency of aluminum coated copper is recognized by many overseas companies.