Class 180 glassfibre yarn Rectangular enamelled conductor of copper

Excellent resistance to mechanical stress
Heat resistant

Field of application:
– Dry-type transformers
– Electric motors
– Generators

IEC 60317-31 or customer specification

Class: 180
Temperature index ≥ 180°C acc. to experience
Heat shock: ≥ 200°C

Shelf life: 5 years, under normal ambient conditions

Basecoat: THEIC-modified polyester or polyesterimide
Overcoat: Polyamide-imide
1-2 layers of glassfibre yarn
Impregnation: Polyesterimide

Conductor material
EN 1977 – ETP1 CW003 A
EN 1977 – ETP CW004A
ASTM B49 – ETP C11000/C11040

Rectangular enamelled conductor of copperRectangular enamelled conductor of copper Rectangular enamelled conductor of copper