CCAQA-1/180 copper clad aluminium wire to American

LP Industry is one of enameled wire suppliers and manufacturers in China, Mainly produce transformer enameled wires, cu-clad wire and copper magnet wire. The cca wire can used for wide field, like speaker coils, guitar pickup, voice coil, also called enameled guitar pickup coils wire.

On 2021-9-16, LP Industry sold the 0.29mm copper clad aluminium wire to American for speak voice coil, thermal class 180, 15% copper materials, 83% aluminum.

As one of wire suppliers, LP industry has the enameled wire testing machine and enamel wire manufacturing machine, etc. to produce high quality materials for motor winding and transformer enameled wires, like the 4mm*25mm flat enameled aluminum wire and 3.65mm round wire.