AWG 16 Aromatic Polymide Enamelled Round Copper Winding Wire To Pakistan

Type of enamel : Aromatic Polyimide
Governing specificaCon : NEMA MW:1000/16C, JW 1177/15B, IEC 60317-7, IS 13730-7, BS 4663
Thermal Class: 240℃
Film Type: Dielectric
Breakdown Voltage : 11.6 KV
Single Strand
IEC 60317-46
Wire Gauge: 16

The insulating layer of polyimide enameled copper wire is composed of aromatic polyimide resin. It has outstanding thermal stability, radiation resistance, chemical resistance and low temperature resistance. The softening breakdown temperature is higher than 500 ºC.

(1) Excellent heat resistance, it can be used at 240 ºC for a long time. Highest thermal stability (> 20000 hrs. at 243 ºC); Stable electrical properties over wide range of temperature (25 ºC to 250 ºC)
(2) Polyimide enamelled copper wire has extremely high “softening resistance” to maintain its characteristics under high temperature continuous rotation. Excellent adherence and flexibility of film coating
(3) Because polyimide resin has excellent high temperature resistance and chemical resistance, polyimide enamelled copper wire can be used to maintain its function in harsh environments.
(4) Polyimide enamelled copper wire can maintain excellent conditions in physical, chemical or electrical characteristics at high and low temperatures, so it is often used in aerospace, firefighting and other important occasions.
(5) Resistance to refrigerant like FREON 12 or FREON 22
(6) Resistance to dielectric gas (more than 150 days to Nitrogen)
(7) Dielectric liquid (Oil) resistance
(8) Withstands excessive overloads and cut through, repeated thermal shocks, prolong exposure to solvents of varnish.

Typical Applications:
Military and aerospace uses. Motor. Heat-resistant coils,relays. Aeronautical and fire-fighting equipment.