Aluminum Strip Roll with High Surface Quality

LP Industry Aluminum is specialized in manufacturing aluminum strip roll with high quality on surface and edge. In the production process of aluminum strip, the problem of surface scratches is often encountered. Once this happens, it must be dealt with in time, otherwise it will cause huge losses. The technicians told everyone that there are two reasons for the scratches on the surface of the aluminum strip: raw material scratches and equipment scratches. When scratches occur, it is necessary to analyze and solve the problem according to the situation.
LP Industry Aluminum are a professional aluminum strip roll manufacturer and will provide you with professional guidance. Below we will introduce the problems and solutions of scratches on the surface of aluminum strips in detail.
The aluminum strip product has high requirement on the surface quality. The problem of surface scratching on aluminum strips has always been an issue for products with higher surface requirements. In the production process, surface scratches are mainly caused by metal particles or non-woven fabrics on the aluminum strip equipment. Aluminum shavings, causing moderate scratches on the surface of the aluminum strip. The characteristic is that the scratching position is uniform. At this point, it is necessary to replace the cleaning and cutting equipment and replace the non-woven fabric. After replacement, the scratching problem will be resolved.

Scratch control during rewinding and unwinding: mainly due to the rewinding and unwinding equipment of the slitting equipment, the scraping problem caused by this problem is not uncommon, usually caused by the aging of the equipment, and the electrical equipment is out of sync , so the electrical system of the equipment needs to be replaced in time. For different situations, we have to analyze and find the right solution.

Scratching on raw materials: This is the scraping in the production process of raw materials for aluminum strip roll. It has nothing to do with slitting equipment. It can be solved by replacing the original aluminum coil roll. Distinguish scratches caused by various reasons, analyze specific problems, and find out the correct way to solve them.