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The Transformer from ABB Company

The first transformer manufactured by ABB enterprises in 1893 was one of the first in the world. The result is that a link between hydroelectric power station and large iron mine in Sweden. ABB enterprises has become a leader in power technology, an area of Paramount importance to humanity, with leading global markets and distributors and innovative new products. ABB transformers can be found in any power generation, transmission and consumption sites, such as power plants, high-rise buildings and large shopping malls, ships and gasoline station, locomotives and railways, power stations, water plants, in service of these clients, ABB enterprises has been continuously updating the ultimate quality of products for 120 years.

The Advantages of Transformers

Transformer is also a voltage transformer. The high-voltage winding is surrounded by lacquered copper wire, the low-voltage winding is surrounded by lacquered copper wire or copper foil, it filled with glass fiber blanket for heat insulation, and cast with epoxy resin under vacuum. After curing, the transformer forms a solid cylindrical whole with high mechanical strength, small partial discharge and high safety. it can effectively resist combustion and explosion and other dangerous situations, and there will not pollute the environment. Transformer is a device that uses electromagnetic induction to change alternating current voltage. It consists of a closed iron core and two coils around the core. Its main function is to adjust the voltage, so that it meets the needs of the various stages of power transmission, if it is used in the power plant transformer, it raises the voltage to long-distance transmission of high voltage; At the destination of the electricity, the transformer can reduce the voltage in order to distribute the electricity to the user. ABB enterprises have always provided high safety and low failure rate products to meet the needs of customers.

How to Choose Accessories for Transformer

Zhengzhou LP Industry supplies with these accessories for power and voltage products,types of enameled wires which are the CONDUCTORS conductors for . Through rigorous testing and updating, LP Industry became the material supplier for ABB Company's distribution department in China and reached a cooperation agreement. These high quality enameled wires not only have good conductivity efficiency, but also the importance of high temperature and corrosion resistance. Under the increasing cooperation orders, the voltage and electrical materials with excellent performance and normal price produced by these companies are being recognized by more and more enterprises.