0.8*2.5 Amide-Imide Overcoated Polyester-Imide Copper Wire To Romania

Today, LP Industry finished the 3000kg 0.8mm*2.5mm Amide-Imide Overcoated Polyester-Imide Flat Rectangular Copper Wire G2 for enameled wire importer who is from Romania. And the enameled copper wire is produced by IEC 60851.

0.8mm*2.5mm Flat Rectangular Copper Wire Technical specifications
1.Type: Temperature 200, Grade-2
2.Specification: IEC 60317-29 / MW36C
3.Base coat: Polyester or Polyester-imide
4.Over coat: Polyamide-imide
5.Rectangular Size of Conductor
(Bare): 2.5+0.030mm(W) x 0.810.030mm(T)
7.Minimum increase of insulation: 0.12mm Min.
8.BDV test: 2.0KV Min.(tested in ball bath)
9.Softening temperature (c): >340°c
10.Elongation: >30%
11.Adhesion: Good
13.Break point(°c): 160- 180°C for Polyester>185C for Polyester-imide14
14. Lumps: <11 small lumps per 100 meters and or<7 big lumps per 100 meters.
15.HVC Detector setting: Max 10 Faults for 30 meters
16.Application: Critical high voltage transformerfor Medical application
17.Visual requirement: Uniform insulation coating.

1.*Indicates to be referred to supplier test report.
2.Part should comply RoHS 3(EU 2015/863).
3.The wire must meet the entire standards requirements all parts referredin lEC 60317 and lEC 60851
4.Part should be UL approved
5.Part should be free from any type of damages. No Coating peel off.

The enameled flat copper wire tests requirements

Main characteristics Test method Acceptance criteria
Thermal properties
Heat shock IEC 60851 – 6.3 ≥ 220℃, 6*t
Electrical properties
Conductor resistance IEC 60851 – 5.3 0.01724Ωmm²/m
Conductivity 1/R > 58m/(Ωmm²)
Breakdown voltage IEC 60851 – 5.4 2.0kV
Mechanical properties
Elongation IEC 60851 – 3.3 ≥ 30%
Springback angle IEC 60851 – 3.4 ≤ 5°
Bending edgewise IEC 60851 – 3.5 4 * width
Bending flatwise IEC 60851 – 3.5 4 * thickness
Cut and Stretch IEC 60851 – 3.5 15% stretch, Loss of adhesion < 1 * width